When D-I-Y doesn't do the J-O-B, we can.

Transform your web presence into a profit machine that turns an ice-cold audience into customers raving fans, all without learning any new software.

Need help establishing your business online?

How would you like to exploit the internet to create a stable, predictable cash flow earning three times more but in half the time?

What if you could ditch those tired (and fruitless) marketing tactics and swap those handful of low-quality leads with a long line of ready-to-buy clients eager to pay you immediately and kick things off tomorrow?

What about having the kind of clients who’ll gladly pay for your expertise, never question your value, and allow you to FINALLY give your children the kind of life you wished for but never had?

If you know where you want to go but haven’t been able to create a system to get you there, then I’m so glad we found each other. I want to help you market yourself effortlessly and grow your influence so you can be known as the only choice when it comes to your industry niche.


I’m Jakob Michaelis. I used this exact system to turn my freelancing gig into a profitable agency, break out of the dollars for hours rat race, and establish myself as a marketing authority to help other businesses reframe their process and achieve incredible results.

You've been lied to. Software is complicated.

Are you sick of spending your Saturday nights battling it out with software support agents? Does it seem impossible to get your five different backend systems to play nice with each other? Do you spend weekends trying to learn Facebook ad hacks, sales funnels, and the latest launch strategies instead of spending time with your family like you know you should? You want an automated marketing system to attract, convert, and nurture more prospects into ideal clients so you can focus on changing lives.

The only way to get more customers without figuring out complicated software backends is by using an a blended system where everything works seamlessly together.

[Cue the heavens parting, herald angels, and dramatic symphony music]


The Bigger Picture marketing system can connect you with your audience like never before and create raving fans who idolize you. It’s 100% authentic and absolutely not shady. The best part is that it is data-driven so you can track performance and adjust as needed.


Together, we start with learning everything there is to know about your business; where it’s at and where you want to be. This leads to identifying your specific target audience and best sales strategy. That plan is visualized in a Funnel Flow™ showing each step in the journey to attract, convert, and nurture your ideal client.


Then you’ll see how we use our digital toolbox to build your unique marketing system. This includes conversion-focused visual design and copywriting, all the “techy” stuff like software setup, connections, and integrations (we’ll save you the geek speak), and the automation and sequencing necessary for a seamless experience.


When the marketing system is launched and the ad campaigns approved, we start driving traffic to generate leads. We scrutinize every step of the process and optimize everything from copy and creative to custom audiences. While you focus on serving your clients at the highest level, we’re busy delivering leads to your inbox!

You're literally a few steps away from a business transformation that will:

  • Attract exactly who you want to work with, down to what shoes they wore today (not really, but almost). No more throwing money at marketing tactics that don’t work!
  • Skip the tedious process of attracting and nurturing prospects and get better quality leads eager to get started… even if you get swamped daily by tire-kickers now.
  • Give you a blended system where everything works seamlessly together without having to spend countless hours (and glasses of wine) trying to master technical backend systems.
  • Let you focus on doing what you do best and let the system take care of your entire marketing process from start to finish.
  • Fill your inbox full of people begging you to take their money so you can become a thought leader and trusted authority in your niche!

Before I go any further, let me ask you a question…

Can you see how this could completely change your business?

If your answer was NO, I’m glad we figured that out now so I don’t waste any more of your time.

If your answer was YES, and you would like me to build you a client-generating, profile-boosting marketing system for your business…

(Here comes the good part.)

I'm currently taking on new clients! BUT, I'm only looking for business owners that:

  • Have an established business, but want more clients
  • Already have a website, programs, and several tactics but need the strategy to make the tactics work cohesively
  • Want the marketing process to be easy, effortless, and automated
  • Are committed to taking action to break their glass ceiling

Still interested? There's only one thing left to do...