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The truth is marketing efforts typically end up on the back burner. If you do put any attention towards promoting your business, it’s off the cuff and lacks the intention that’s necessary to be truly effective.

Maybe you have a few things out in the world to let people know you exist. It could be a website, Facebook page, or the old business card on the bulletin board at your local restaurant trick.

How’s that going for you? How many paying customers have come from your current advertising efforts?

As a business owner, I understand where you’re coming from. The Bigger Picture exists to help you succeed. With the right strategy and knowledge, it is possible to tame the internet and attract customers online. The sad fact that 80% of all businesses fail is unsettling, to say the least. Your business deserves a chance to be successful, and I want to make sure that happens.

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There is a system that can connect your business with your audience like never before and create raving fans. It is 100% authentic and absolutely not shady. The best part is that it is data-driven so you can track performance and adjust as needed.


Your message needs an audience. Without traffic, you’re speaking to an empty room. Attract the right people to your website by speaking their language.


A message that falls on deaf ears is almost as bad as a message that falls on no ears. Get your audience eager to hear what you have to say and ask for more.


Proposing on the first date doesn’t usually go well. Authentic follow-ups grow the relationship until the time is right for a purchase.

Being conversion focused means you shouldn’t just expect results–you can demand them.

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